Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend is here!

So nice that it's Saturday morning - despite the baby waking my up earlier than any other day this week! Go figure... still, it's nice to just get up with her and know that the day is mine today.

Got a little bad news last night. Turns out the Mass Mutual Center had cancelled ALL the shows lined up for this weekends Disney Princesses on Ice. They had cancelled last night due to fears about the amount of snow on the roof of the building. Something about a roof collapsing on thousands of people probably makes them a little nervous, huh?! Chloe was not happy at all when we told her the show was off, she was REALLY excited to go with my parents tomorrow. I'm kind of impressed at how well she handled the bad news though - not what i expected.

Last night was nice and relaxed. played with the girls till about 7pm - then put Delaney to bed. After that i ran out to move the cars so we wouldn't get towed because of the updated parking ban. Holly had put Chloe to bed by the time i got finished and headed back upstairs. My new issue of "DRUM!" arrived too - so i read that for a bit. There was an article on Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann I was looking forward to checking out. After that, Holly and I half watched "The Kids Are Alright" - then called it a night.

I picked up some beer on my way home last night too. Lagunitas Brown Shugga - which I thoroughly enjoyed! I also grabbed a bomber of Cappuccino Stout also from Lagunitas, which is for later today!

I've noticed some of the spring brews have been making their way onto shelves and i have got to say - even with the ample amount of winter weather we have had in the last month and how much i am longing for spring and baseball season - it's too damn early for spring beers! I felt the same way about the fall brews too - I feel like the season got into full swing and i barely got into the groove of the new seasonal then BAM - I'm drinking Magic Hat's Vinyl before Valentines day! Phew - enough of that nonsense.

i have to cut this short - I'm getting way too much entertainment out of watching Holly sew and swear! HILARIOUS!!!!!