Sunday, February 27, 2011

hey oscar - my 6 year old is flipping you the proverbial finger for canning tonights episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. that kid looks forward to the new episode of that show with a hunger in her eyes comparable to that of a starved jungle cat on a deer farm.

anyway - great weekend. lots of home time with the girls. Holly went out friday night and this afternoon. i took the girls over to my moms to visit today and much to my surprise, Delaney was fantastic. no crying at all - no drama, it was so nice to visit and not feel like Delaney was hating on the GP's. she really had fun too - playing with Chloe and my mom... it was nice.

speaking of the kids - you knew it was just a matter of time before i posted pictures of my little angels!
Bobby & Baby Roast Beef
Bobby Roast Beef w/ "Toof-Less" Chloe

God, i love those two little ladies  - they're the most wonderful little people i could choose to spend my time with!

Anyway - i need to throw in a DVD because this red carpet crap at the academy awards just made me throw up into my own mouth a little. i don't have any issue with awards show - hey, whatever ya gotta do to for a little attention - right? but seriously - must we be subjected to the awkward interviews and commentary on fashion right off the top?!?!

getting very excited about the show on 3/12 at the basement! i have had some interest come my way on BCBM from some unexpected places - all of it is very welcome i should add. still looking for a show in june, maybe in july. july is tricky because one weekend i'm in Cleveland for DBF and then there's a holiday weekend in there too. maybe i should focus on june or august. 

this week is going to be pretty busy - if anyone can help me spread the word about the 3/12 show - i'd greatly appreciate it!

ok - it's 007 time. later!

Brand alignment across channels

Brand alignment across channels
Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend. Not a ton going on this weekend - kind of enjoying that! Good news is that the Jeep's hood is fixed and for WAY less than we had expected to pay. Proof that the sun does indeed shine on a dogs ass once in a while. BEEF - OUT!