Sunday, March 6, 2011

my friends - i deeply apologize for my lack of attention over the last week toward my blog.  i pride myself on regular updates and have let myself slack on that. i'll get back on track with it this week.

the positive side is that i have many things to discuss due to my lack of correspondence. last week actually turned out to be a pretty big week. i discovered that my current department head at work is leaving at the end of the month. this is something i had never seen coming, but i think from what he's told me that he's making a very smart move. who knows what will be in store for the hub - we will obviously be looking for a head engineer soon!

we had some eye exams on wednesday for Holly and Chloe. Holly will be picking up her glasses this coming week - and she loves them. that's a good thing because Holly needs to wear her glasses and if she doesn't like them (like her old pair) she's gonna leave them off. Chloe on the other hand did not need glasses, yet. the doc asked to have us take her in sometime in september to get a follow up exam.

after the eye doc's we brought Chloe to school and went out for lunch - good times! later on that night i had rehearsal with the band up in ashfield. of course i left without my coat because of the gorgeous weather and didn't even think of it getting down to the teens at night. awesome! another element of adventure to the night was that i arrived with very little gas in my tank. the true bonehead maneuver of the night was that i chose to warm up my car before heading out, adding a significant dose of adventure to all of this. good thing is - i made it to a gas station in time. will not be doing that again.

while at practice - Kara Kharmah and i discussed the QR codes and postcards as i had assumed we would. we decided that it would be best to design postcards implementing a QR code to direct people to our presence on facebook. i had asked her to come up with a design for saturday since i am in the stretch promoting the basement show. then, i get an email from vistaprint informing me about deals on, of course - postcards! so, for shits and giggles i decide to design one and price it with the sale. the design is great and the QR codes work very very well! for those folks who don't know wtf i'm talking about, these are the actual QR's for our use. check them out and scan them using your smartphone - yes - scan them right on the screen.

yesterday and last night were awesome! finally got my spring cleaning on the porch started. i usually recruit a couple of my buddies to help in this with the benefit of lots of beer and a homemade dinner from my lovely wife. this year we had a lot of old furniture to toss due to inheriting some items. we didn't have room in the dumpster for all of it, but we did manage to put a dent into it! when it came time to move my old recliner - we captured it on video. check it out!

it's amazing what a 30 pack of cheap beer will inspire! after the work, we had a big chicken dinner and watched star wars with my kids! when the kids went to bed we hooked up with Pawel and went out for a night of drinks and laughs. bumped into Zero Fun John at Tully's for a bit - we never made it into the show at the elevens however. the entertainment all around us was too good to pass up!

no much on tap today. kicking it with the family. tonight i'm making some smoked beef ribs with brown sauce. i may do a food update tonight after i document my first use of my indoor smoker pan. wish me luck!!!