Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i think this baby has something else going on under the surface. world domination or something dire. my theory is that she is first working on Holly and i through sleep deprivation in order to control us to do her evil bidding. fro there who knows. maybe she's planning to use my access to the media for her diabolical plan. that would explain her odd connection with Barry Krieger! she's in for a surprise however, i will not crack under pressure.  i have this message for you - you evil non-sleeping baby: you're going down, you're going down to Chinatown!

had a pretty relaxed night last night until the girls went to bed. had an early dinner and played with the baby - who was in a really fantastic mood. shortly after 7pm Delaney started to look like she was getting kind of sleepy. so we started the routine for bedtime and then she slowly got more and more unhappy. so we decided to just keep her up for a while. 8:15pm hit and Chloe had already gone to bed - we tried again with Delaney. She got up a few times but eventually she was out. Holly figured she might as well go to bed too - i wasn't tired so i stayed up to watch some HULU. i was up till almost 11 and that baby didn't make a peep! once i went to bed - she was up every 20 minutes. we tried everything - i can only assume her teeth are bothering her. hopefully that comes to an end asap!

got a nice message last night from John St. Onge over at Mad Ones Entertainment about my blog inspiring him. We have some very similar ideas when it comes to music, promotion, etc. it's nice to know people even read this - let alone actually get something out of it. that's pretty awesome!

practice tonight with Damon and Dave up in Ashfield. looking forward to playing very much, not looking forward to the barrage of text messages i'll get from Holly - detailing the scenario at home with the nocturnal one. now that i think about it, all of this sleeping crap started with her last wednesday!

a quick aside - the "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" episode titled "Sweet Dee has a Baby" is fargin' HILARIOUS!!!!

i'm going to need a significant amount of coffee today. i am going to get started.