Friday, February 25, 2011

full throttle friday?

there is nothing than i find more entertaining about my 6 year old than her feeble attempts at staying up the slightest bit later than her predetermined bedtime. anyway - because it's full throttle friday and i'm here blogging here's a little mr. show goodness to kick things off, simply because it's one of the greatest shows in the world. enjoy!

lest go over the last day to so - starting with thursday night. had a meeting with a mortgage specialist as Holly and i are beginning to get into the game of buying a house. meeting went well, we have a direction to work toward, then the real fun can begin. so, after the meeting Holly, Delaney and i (Chloe was up in North Cupcake w/ my in-laws) went out for dinner. we hit up Cafe Lebanon, Holly had been wanting to try it and i had heard nothing but great things about it. so we went and i was a little concerned if they would even have highchairs - they actually had tons of them. Delaney ate everything we ate too! i know she has had much more of a broad array of foods compared to her older sister - but i would have never expected Delaney to like the humus and olives and LAMB like she did. she's our little foodie. 

after dinner we took the long way home and shortly after getting home Delaney went to bed. Holly went to bed shortly after but i couldn't sleep so i did a little research on building a suitcase kickdrum. that's my new project - putting together a suitcase drum kit so i can go out with Damon and do some busking this spring and summer. i can pack most of what i'll take in the suitcase and set up rather quickly. i should also look into any licensing issues for northampton. i'd rather play it safe instead of having any problems. had a nice little exchange with Mark 'Porkchop' Holder too - about the design of his suitcase and ides where to dig them up. i'm looking forward to seeing him perform at the Deep Blues Festival 2011 in Cleveland in july! here's a video of him doing what he does - 

i've also begun working on a facebook page for Black Cat Bone Music. i even designed a super simple logo to use for the time being.

it's very simple but i want it that way so i can  use it with ease. in other BCBM news, i had received a message from a very well respected bluesman from the area expressing interest in what i'm doing. thanks to Rich Tardy from SwillMerchants for putting him in contact with me. i've also been getting some good feedback on my chili cook-off and music festival idea too - just need to make it come together!

tonight was pretty quiet - the wife headed out for coffee with one of her friends and i hung out here with the girls. at least i have the last of my last Oskar Blues TEN FIDY here - god it's an intense stout... so good though. at 10.5%abv it's taking care of the biz too!