Thursday, February 10, 2011

rehearsal, theo's, homefront

man - last night's rehearsal session was awesome! didn't realize it, but we haven't jammed since before the Ernie and The Automatics gig a couple weeks ago. we worked on 3 new tunes - all blues - foot stompin', low down dirty blues! i really love playing music with this group. the music is phenomenal, the chemistry between the 3 of us is great - and only getting better!

so, yesterday i managed to reach one of my personal goals for booking this group. i booked an upcoming gig at one of my favorite bars/venues. a place that i have been wanting to play forever - Theodore's! since i started playing blues inspired music, just a couple years ago - everyone has had the same statement at one time of another - "hey, how about you guys play at Theo's sometime!" or, "you guys really have that great kinda "bluesy" sound - why don't you play @ Theodore's". Well it's coming - not gonna drop the date just yet.... but it's coming.

last night, Holly made this Thai inspired peanut chicken dish that was out of this world! served it over brown rice and it was just awesome. i brought leftovers for lunch - yummy!

my lovely wife have been baking her own bread with the bread machine she had adopted. this is her second loaf of raisin bread and it's great! she sent me out the door this morning with what she called "daddy toast". she's such a funny little lady. yesterday, a friend of mine said that she was a lucky gal to have me - i think it's really the other way around. she takes good care of me - and makes me so unbelievably happy.

short entry today - i'm starving, gonna kill this toast!