Wednesday, May 11, 2011

post rehearsal mid-week post.

There is a part of me that cannot believe it's already Wednesday. last week just dragged on at a snails pace. partially because was sick on Monday combined with the news of the assassination of OBL - the whole world seemed like it was on a different clock after that news.

The gigs last weekend and mothers day made the weekend fly by too!

We had one killer rehearsal session last night. the songs we went over for Saturday's show are nuts! it seems like Damon is consistently introducing new material into the mix. give him a lot of credit for wanting to keep it so fresh - but it's a challenge to keep all these songs in my mind. can see where it gets frustrating to have this constant flow of new songs to work out - but do like having a mix of stuff to play. it's especially helpful on those nights where we are playing 3 or 4 sets in a night.

I'm really excited to be playing with the polecats again. those guys make some insane music and are just really cool folks. I am hoping that can do another BCBM showcase in noho soon too. I have a short list of bands want to bring to town as soon can.

Have a picnic to attend with the family before leave for the gig. it's my cousin's 16th birthday party - and man does that make me feel like an old fart!

Oh well - time to take my geritol guess!