Wednesday, February 23, 2011

just got in from band practice - what a great session! did a little more recording but i had to hit the road before the cd's got burned. it was getting a little too late for me seeing how i have to be up for around 6am. there is so much material to go through and so much to work on and really get worked out - it seems a little overwhelming. the recording aspect is helping to chip away at it much faster. at least we have something to listen to and wrap our heads around - make notes too. yea, make notes - there is so much material i have begun a note taking routine to get it to sink in.

did a little brainstorming on the ride up to ashfield tonight about future events for Black Cat Bone Music [BCBM]. i have a couple interesting ideas that i came up with. i think i need to just continue on with some area showcases and out of those make some contacts - then maybe up the ante a little bit.i'm also thinking that a cd/online compilation might be in order too. maybe see where i'm at in like 12 months before getting to ahead of myself. still, good idea to have ideas out and work toward them.

looking around at some houses with Holly lately - we're not putting any eggs in baskets yet. more like taking a look at some options. it would be really nice to have our own place. i must admit lugging the baby and all her accessories up three flights of stairs is beginning to get a little old. plus i'd like a yard and an area to barbecue perhaps!!!

alright - i suppose i out to get to bed... work comes around early!