Saturday, March 26, 2011

easily the part of the week i look forward to most.

first thing saturday morning is hands down one of the most special points of my week. the weekend has just begun and i have most likely been woken up by either of my two girls OR have actually slept until i woke up on my own. though the later method of awakening is a rare occurrence - it does sometimes happen every now and then.

today, like most saturday mornings - Chloe can into my room dropping hints that she would like her typical weekend breakfast made by daddy. a simple egg sandwich on any grilled bread, with melted cheese and ketchup. it' a very simple and savory breakfast and the kid loves it.

the reason i love it - i get to use my cast iron skillet. i love that pan. i love the quality it yields, the easy cleanup, the rootsy/old timey feeling i get when i use it. it's on the list of things in my kitchen that i use most of all. it actually goes beyond that - i have read countless articles and blogs about cast iron care, seasoning of you pans to accomplish a perfect surface, and numerous recipes! my wife thinks i'm some kind of nut because i try to take such good care of my skillet. cleaning it right away and oiling it back up. eventually i'd like to expand this into a small collection of various cast iron pots and pans. they will out last me - that's for sure.

my current skillet was given to me by my father. he's also a big fan of all cast iron cooking tools. he was working at an account of his - cleaning out a barn (i believe) before they sold the estate. he came across the skillet and it was covered in rust. gave it to me and said if i clean it up and season it well - it'll last me a lifetime. it took a while before i put the work into it - but after cleaning it up and seasoning and re-seasoning it has become a workhorse!

i've also been getting kind of antsy about the release of this documentary i'm interested about Chris Whitley; called Dust Radio. i had been introduced to Chris Whitley's music back in 2000/01 by my friend Dez. i forget what album it was that i firt heard - but i was hooked! here's the trailer for the film:
here's a video of one of Chris' most known songs - once i tell people about him, if they haven't heard of him - they usually know this song.
and here's on my my favorite tunes!
great artist - gone too soon.

maybe if the interest is there, i could organize a tribute show. we'll see.