Saturday, June 11, 2011

summer in the city....

wow!! it's been a while since i have been posting any content up here. i should mention that readers of this amazing bit of literary gold can always stay connected with me via my social media outlets. i am, in fact a huge proponent of social networking and am a bit of a social media whore at times. i have links to my online profiles posted on the sidebars of this here blog - but for those who prefer to not seek them out and for my own love of posting links i'll leave them right in this entry too!

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as for what has been going on in my life - well for a month or so my wife and i have been dieting and exercising - it's paying off! We have been careful with what we eat and have been taking vitamins and supplements along with being active and drinking tons of water. i have noticed that i actually don't have the back pain i was having while spending 4 hours a night on my drum throne. that's huge since i hated the idea of spending so much time doing something i love was leading to my back killing me.

last night i took the whole family to see Eva Cappelli and her band perform at a great little outdoor venue in Easthampton, MA. the kids had a blast and Holly did too. it was a nice little crowd that gathered for the show too. i was talking to a woman in the crowd and she told me that they have these free outdoor concerts each friday. the venue is literally on the bike trail, right off the section that crosses ferry street. i am hoping to track down a schedule so i can find out what the other events are so i can get the kids some exposure to live music.

still very much looking forward to the Deep Blues Festival this July. unfortunately - it's looking like it won't be the nice trip that Holly and i had in mind a few months ago. money is really tight right now and if she doesn't find work we really won't be able to afford the trip together. problem is we have a hotel reserved for that weekend and it's already paid for. so, she insists that i go without her and find someone/a small crew to come along. that will help make the trip do-able. we'll see what happens - still about a month to go until the trip, so we'll see what happens.

over the last couple of days i have had BBQ FEVER in the worst way possible! for the last handful of years (mainly since living in this 3rd floor apartment) i have been hoping each summer i would be able to spend a day with 3 things sun, beer and barbecue (all the while being kidless of course)! the summer just slips away so fast and i get tied up with other things. this year however, i am planning on buying a portable smoker and making it a priority to make my dream come true. i want to go portable so that i can take it camping with us as we've been acquiring camping equipment so that we can begin to take the family out enjoying the outdoors! the rainy weather outside at the moment has curbed my desire to smoke meats and veg in the sun while sipping beers - or diet approved mixed drinks until i reach my goal weight. i have scoped out some smokers out there that will allow me to do this on the cheap - which of course is very necessary. i have considered going with an electric or propane route for control - but there is the caveman aspect that i want where i actually have to control the fire myself. so, charcoal it is!

my coffee cup is empty.