Monday, May 16, 2011

who'll stop the rain?

So the rain actually started on Saturday evening. it was pretty light for the most part, but it was really pouring at some points making the commute out to Cambridge kind of tricky.

Earlier on Saturday took the family out to our cousins for a birthday party. the girls had a fabulous time. Chloe had a blast playing with all the kids - her age and the older girls, of course. Delaney had a fantastic time too. I don't think she sat down for much longer than to eat her lunch and her piece of cake. this kid loves her some cake!

After the party Holly and I left with the baby, but we left Chloe with my parents so she could play a bit longer with her cousins and new friends. once we got home it was very obvious that Delaney was going to sleep very well through the night. I got my stuff together for the show and headed out.

I love my car, and love driving - especially while I can listen to some new music. gave the Tokyo Tramps CD a couple spins on the ride. great stuff, really dig that band a lot! had to stop for gas while venturing off the highway - then eventually caught the highway again. got to Cambridge a little later than expected - ended up parking in a questionable lot which had parking regulations that seemed a bit conveluded to say the least. luckily we didn't get towed away. as a matter of fact after the set I grapped a free parking upgrade right behind the club - BONUS!

So the show was awesome - in a nutshell. the opening band was a trio called "Sonny Jim and the Blue Devils" - they play some great tunes and have an interesting candor when on stage. they played some Howlin' Wolf which really enjoyed even after the made a self depricating joke about not doing it justice. still - it was great! the original tunes they played were fantastic too. the drummer played very light with some very be- bop inspired fills. I'd really like to get those guys in for a show in Northampton in the future.

The second band was kind of an odd choice for the bill. they didn't stick around much  after their set wrapped up. that being said - they were from California and heading back home, so can't really blame them for wanting to get back home.

We played a really fun set. ran through love thing, stone blues and nothing much matters in the world these days. we then played a newer song called "fool for you" which is a newer one for us. we also played a newer song called "16 floors" and am so glad we played it! I feel like we have been sitting on that song for way too long. the set was really high energy and the folks in the crowd really got into it. there were a number of folks taking pics - and am so anxiously awaiting seeing them. played Chad R's (drummer for the ten foot polecats) drum kit that night - what a beautiful set of drums! K Custom dark cymbals all around too. excuse me while I clean up from drooling!

The Ten Foot Polecats blew us all away, as we expexted they would. they rocked a burnside tune which pretty much made my night too! They played a few new tunes that were awesome and they closed out the set with "nobody's fault but mine" - very great tune which was very appropriate being that it was already Sunday morning at that point.

It was a great night - I got into bed at almost 5am and was awake not that long afterwards. we had a relaxing day around the house because the rain was still pouring outside. we had a good day - Chloe did a bang up job cleaning her room. Delaney was a little crankity crankerson all day though. still, was hanging in there until about 7PM after the baby was in bed. I was passing out in my chair. finally at 9:30 threw in the towel and went to bed. slept like a rock too!

This week it is supposed to be a total wash. my folks are planning a get together this weekend though which I'm looking forward to and hoping the rain is done by then.

time to get a practice session together for this week!