Tuesday, March 22, 2011

busy busy busy!!!

i'm so sorry for the lack of updates here!
it would be a pretty pathetic blog - except that i have had so much going on recently there are lots to talk about. i suppose i have been creating content - yea, that's it!
the last week has been huge - it was Delaney's first birthday, we had a nice little party for her too! she was great during the whole party, the house was packed with family and she was so good with everyone. she only had one little instance of crying - but it was over quick. she loved her cake and couldn't care less about opening any presents - good thing we had Chloe there to pick up the slack. after the party she went with Chloe to my folks place for her first sleepover. i was half expecting her to have a problem over there - but it went great!!!
Holly and i got to sleep in and just kick back for the night without any drama from the children. when we picked up the girls the following afternoon, all was well!
the other big thing that has been going on is another BCBM event i'm working on. This is a Japan Disaster Relief Benefit that i have been planning with the help of Lee Jergensen. We're planning a 5-6 band benefit "Blues Bash" on Saturday 5/7/2011 at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee. It's going to be pretty amazing - The Tokyo Tramps have jumped on board with it. Their bassist (Yukiko Fujii) was in Japan during the Earthquake and just got back home sometime last week. this obviously hits home for her and the rest of the band - we are just glad to welcome them to our little party with a purpose!
We are taking submissions from bands and local businesses who want to sponsor with a donation to the cause or some help promoting the event. it will be a blast! more details will be announced soon, just be patient while we get it all together!
that's all i have for now. tonight i'm heading up to greenfield for an open mic at the greenfield grill. Damon and the rest of the Love Thieves will perform a short set - stop in if you can.
also, text me. i'm bored!!!

-Rob Charette
Black Cat Bone Music ~ Drummer/Management for Damon Reeves