Sunday, April 17, 2011

thoughts on summer parties...

man did we rock the freakin' house on friday night or what!?!?!? actually, it was an awesome show - one i was unsure to make heads or tails on prior to our first of 3 sets. the night was a radio promotional party for a country radio station BEAR 95.3fm, held at The Rendezvous in Turners Falls MA. they were doing a Budweiser promotion giving away tickets for an upcoming country act, Jason Aldean. this was not a typical night over at the Voo - as they mainly have a lot of indie and folk or jazz bands on tap. it was a crowd there to win tickets, mainly - not shake they're collective asses to the house rocking gritty blues and classic rock stylings of Damon Reeves & The Love Thieves - but that's exactly what happened!

the interaction between the four of us on stage and the audience who had no idea what to expect - ended up being a dream come true. the crowd was a mix of beer chugging twenty somethings, to a more distinct and seasoned mature crowd... and it all worked perfectly.

this has me thinking about summer parties. i'd like to book the band at gatherings anywhere and everywhere. our goal since day one has been to develop our audience through exposure - i'm finding that a little harder to do in the bar circuit than we had anticipated. the idea of playing private events is becoming an alternative way to bring this music, band, experience to more people more often.

this is what i propose - if an individual is having -or- knows someone who is having a party and would like to book a band for live entertainment - contact me. we have the library to draw from that will allow us to play for up to 5 hours or so. this is a mix of originals and covers. some of the artists we cover are Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, doors, muddy waters, john lee hooker, bb king, hendrix, plus a ton more rock and blues and standard party tunes. we also take pride in having fun! we can open the mic up for folks that wanna join in ala live band karaoke style.

contact me and we can bounce ideas around - we are available in as little a group as a solo/duo or a full 4-5 piece band. we will bring all sound equipment needed for the even and even provide some background music in between sets. don't worry about costs - contact me and we will talk!

email me @

or call/text me @ 413-320-5724

let's do this - let's have a great summer!!!