Friday, February 18, 2011

a great night last night - baby actually gave us nearly a full nights sleep. there was a brief game of wake up and cry, just before Holly and i turned in - but by the time we were ready to go to sleep Delaney had called it quits.

i have been reading numerous blogs about the local music "scene" in the valley and i have got to say - i love it. talk it up people! the interaction between musicians, show attendees, and even folks across the country - lovingly adding to the mix is nothing short of fantastic! i'd like to just point out the catalyst for the music scene's high's and low's is whether or not people are on fire about the music. this starts with the bands - and works it's way down to the audience. things will fall into a slump here and there. what needs to happen instead of saying "the scene is dead" - is doing something to kick it in the ass! i believe it'll get to one of it's highs soon and i'm looking forward to when it does.

gig tonight and gym tomorrow. the childcare at the Y has some funkier hours than we had initially thought - so it's not been easy to work around  - but we'll do it. many times i have tried to get into a gym routine - i finally admit to myself that i need my wife to just plan it for us and go. i know i will just blow it off after 3 weeks and i need to try something new. my thinking is that if we can work it into our family time routine then i'll stick to it.

the gig tonight should be a lot of fun! it's an acoustic duo gig with Damon and i. we've done this a couple of times in the past and it works great. we play from 8-12 and there is no cover. i'd love to see some folks there!!

anyway - coffee time.