Monday, February 21, 2011

titles - we don't need no stinkin' titles!

presidents day is wrapping up and what a day it was! let's start with last night - had a cake with Holly and the girls to celebrate Holly's birthday. Cerrato's Pastry Shop done did it right again! this cake was called a "semifreddi" (sp?), anyway - it was chocolate cake-raspberry liqueur-black currant mousse-goodness! Then, Holly went over to her friends place to make tie-dye stuff for the girls. i put the girls to bed and hung out till the wife got home and we went to bed. Delaney slept like a rock too - it was a great nights sleep.

wok up to a few inches of snow on the ground - whatever. coffee was brewed already because i ACTUALLY had the cognitive capacity to set up the coffee pot the night before - go me! anyway, i was out the door and on my way to work ready for a day of minimal bullshit, thanks to the federal holiday. so, i'm at work and i fire up the netbook hoping to hoping to make this blog entry about twelve hours earlier than i'm typing now - and Blogger is blocked. Actually - i knew Blogger was blocked on the machines in the facility - but to block it from the network i was accessing was new. no sweat, i did a little research when i got home and found a work around. i will have to wait to share my posts via social media, but hey - i can live with it for a while. actually i COULD try and do this via my phone. regardless, i can work with it!

so you have probably noticed how insanely excited i am about this up coming event at the basement in northampton next month. really, this is way more than a gig with Damon Reeves. it's about my love affair with this genre of music and wanting to be involved in it. i love blues music - i also have come up in the hardcore/punk/metal scene in this area and have learned a lot from that. i see a lot of the same fire in these artists. the DIY way of doing things and the punk mentality seems to be the way of deep blues. i feel kind of connected that way and want to DO something to build an audience of such bands in my home area. then there is the really selfish part of me that wants to share the occasional bill with really kickass bands - i suppose that's just gravy however!

i have a wishlist of bands i'd like to bring into town. we'll see how it works out. i'm actually working on the next showcase already! mainly just trying to line up a date and bands, but it's a start. Here's one i'd love to have play a BCBM event! Ladies and Gentleman... Mr. Husky Burnette

before i wrap up let me say a few words about Chili. tonight my wife made a killer batch of Chloe and Delaney friendly Chili. i did kick it up with a little small batch ghost chili sauce from Dave's Insanity.  now, anyone out there who knows me - knows that chili is one of my favorite things on the planet. all types, white chili's, texas chili, chili spaghetti, veggie chili's - i'm game. i make a mean chili myself - aptly titled "Fatboy's Chili - Big Meat; Big Heat". as a matter of fact, last summer and i was planning a big chili cook-off. unfortunately, things got kind of derailed in the fall - but it's on the back burner so to speak. anyway - my wife can throw down in the chili kitchen department. she pretends she doesn't like it  (not many people are as obsessed as i am), but she plays off like it's just not good - haters. back to my point, i got a message from her saying that she had to sacrifice one of my craft beers in the fridge for the chili. i wondered what she used being as i had a lagunitas brown shuggah, a dogfish head IBA and Raison D'Etre, and a couple Oskar Blues Ten-Fidy cans in the refrigerator. out of all of those choices - of which she's not a fan of any - she chose the Raison D'Etre! my friends, she did that chili right - damned right. i was thoroughly impressed with the outcome!

yea - if you made it to the end of that ramble of culinary bullshit - you are truly a dedicated blog reader/follower - i appreciate that more than you know!

-Beef out-

email blogger post

here's a test of the email option for updating my blog. the IT guys have blocked blogger from the network i was connecting to. this will work as a substitute though. my normal blog writing time will probably fall into the evening now - that's fine i suppose.
-Rob Charette
Black Cat Bone Music ~ Drummer/Management for Damon Reeves

Ok here goes - hope this works. I wonder if i send a text beyond 140 Characters if it will show up properly. If not, i suppose i should just use twitter lie i have been. Btw, you all should follow me on twitter @bobbyroastbeef is the name. Ok well this is enough - let's check it out!
about to try some mobile blogging - standby for today's post!