Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lucio Enrico Fasino play Bass with Steve Jordan in "The Groove is Here"

Steve Jordan: The Groove is Here

this guys, is what groove is all about! Steve Jordan!

early to rise!

pretty great evening last night! got home and opened the front door to smell one of my favorite things in the world, ever - SLOW ROASTED PORK SHOULDER. Holly cooked the shoulder and we made roast pork tacos for dinner with cabbage slaw and pickled jalapeƱos. Chloe, huge fan, Holly and i were too - Delaney loved it as well! well, the girls didn't get any peppers.

then we got the friggen phone call. Chloe's school was cancelled for today due to removal of the snow on the roof. you have got to be kidding me! granted they had a half day scheduled anyway, but i don't think this kid has had a full 5 day week of school since Christmas vacation! i also think that if Chloe were any other kid - she'd be loving the snow days. however, since Chloe's only in first grade she looks at a snow day as a huge letdown. the look she gives Holly when she tells her that school is cancelled again - you'd think Holly cancelled it herself to irritate Chloe. i am really happy that Chloe loves school as much as she does - i know the longer she loves school the better she'll probably do scholastically, but her reaction is just so funny!

i also booked a gig for Damon and i to perform as an "unplugged" duo for 2/18. an old friend of mine has started managing this irish pub in Springfield MA [Finnegan's Tavern] and is looking to bring some music in there. i haven't been there in ages, so i don't remember what the layout is like - i need to make up some fliers/posters and drop them off. so, i'll take a look at it there and figure out the deal and what i should plan on taking for a kit. here's a link to the info from our Facebook Event!

i've been busy working on putting Black Cat Bone Music on the map. i built a reverbnation page for it and i'm holding off on doing anything on facebook - but that is next. right now what i'm doing with BCBM is primarily managing Damon Reeves and booking events in the Pioneer Valley to bring in some bands of the Deep Blues genre. These are not your Chicago/roadhouse blues kind of shows - this is the lowest and dirtiest - i'm looking to have that juke joint feel at these shows.

My first event is on 3/12 @ the The Basement in Northampton and i'm really looking forward to it! I put Damon & Co. on the bill initially - and i was lucky enough to book Ten Foot Polecats and add them to the bill. They are an awesome trio out of Boston - really fantastic stuff! Guitar work that is out of this world and just awe inspiring. The vocals really remind me of Howlin' Wolf - i could listen to them all day. I'll post some videos of them as the date gets a little closer. After booking TFPC's it happened to work out that they were touring with Jeff Norwood. Jeff is one hell of a bluesman, hailing from South Carolina - we are lucky to have him making a appearance in Northampton! This is what BCBM is all about - bringing these Deep Blues acts to an area where they have just not connected, yet. Let's face it - the Valley has it's share of great shows - i'm just looking to take my experience in the punk/hardcore/metal scene and apply it to a genre of music that i have a huge amount of passion for.

well - i can see the bottom of my coffee cup. you know how i roll.