Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday morning and i just put the baby down for a nap. she's been a little bit of a crankity crank this morning too. not sure what her issue is. still, the dishes all managed to get caught up. that was my big goal this monring - get those out of the way.

chicken is marinating for tonight's souvlaki (sp?) greek tacos. yea - it's fusion night in the Charette house.

Chloe is in the other room playing Wii - she's constantly providing a running commentary on EVERY detail in any game she's playing. it's cute, but i hope she doesn't wake up the baby.

not a whole lot on tap today - just gonna hang out with the girls. we had a little adventure yesterday bumming around in downtown northampton. did quite a bit of walking too - maybe we'll go out today for a bit who knows.