Tuesday, February 22, 2011

for a tuesday - it has been pretty unbelievable. this morning was really nothing too crazy - i took the wife's car into work. her hood release has been know to get kind of wonky, so i told her that i'd drive her car to work and she could take mine to visit family with the girls. this way, should it give us any trouble it would be when i had it - not when she was out with the girls. work was pretty normal for the most part - only thing different was that i came across an old friend on facebook that i haven't talked to in quite a while. when i was on my way home -  that's when things started to get more exciting.

after stopping to get some gas for the jeep - i was driving down chicopee street and then BAM - the hood flipped up against the windshield... damn-it! what was pure gold was that as this was happening, there was a rough looking pedestrian walking along the sidewalk who exclaimed "holy SHIT" - this was pretty much me exact feeling at that time as well. after i popped the hood back down, i drove slowly and cautiously back home.

upon getting home and unwinding, Chloe hears a blast from a siren out on the street and immediately runs to look out the window and calls us over. this is what we see:
now, we have yet to find out what the guy was being taken in for - but it must be something serious. there was also a chopper that did a fly by as well, i assume they were searching for him. so, that's been my tuesday. pretty exciting when you compare it to my average tuesday these days!

that's all i got for today. i had teased a little rant about condiments - i'll save that for a later date however!

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