Sunday, February 6, 2011

i'm easy - easy like sunday morning....

wow- did i ever have a rough nights sleep! Holly was nodding off right after we put Delaney down to bed - so we probably hit the hay around ten. I have to admit, seeing my wife passed out on the couch snoring like a chainsaw did bring some amusement to my night. After watching a few episodes of "it's always sunny in Philadelphia" and "Beer nuts" on HULU, i decided it was time to wake sleeping beauty up and head for the boudoir.

i ended up waking up about 2am . got up when i decided sleep wasn't on the table. ended up watching American Meth and then heading back to bed before the sun came up. Delaney woke up just after 6am, and that was it - start of my day. it's going to be a busy one too. need to take out the trash from the porch, and get this place back in order. the wife's sewing projects have turned out dining room into what looks like Kathy Lee Gifford's Filipino sweat shops! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a little - regardless, it needs to be put back together.

I'm thinking of cancelling Netflix and signing up for hulu plus. like it's half the cost!!! if i do that, i want to buy an interface or a device so i can watch on my tv. while i like snuggling in bed with the wife and the laptop watching SVU - it'd be nice to chill in the living room with the family or some friends. i should mention that my family watches a lot of PBS and only a little network TV mainly for some news. we have an antennae and refuse to pay for television.

the house hunt continues - have to put a meeting together this week concerning mortgage details. really hoping to be in our own place in the next year! After my chores today, i might take a gander at some available properties online.

so that's it. Chloe will be home this afternoon sometime, and we'll have dinner together. i think Holly is gonna make Chirico and Lentil stew for lunch. *nomz*

yea, life's good.


  1. wifey just brought my coffee in her Disney Princesses mug - i'll add do dishes to my list of chores.

  2. Row house next to us is for sale. :)