Thursday, February 17, 2011

midnight awakening, DR&Co. Practice, Release thoughts, Coffee stupidity

what a morning! Delaney slept pretty well last night - she didn't give Holly too many problems at bedtime. she slept all the way up until 12:15 - then gave us a little bit of a challenge getting up and not wanting to go to bed. eventually she went back to sleep - and was still sleeping when i left this morning.

last night's practice session was unbelievable! we worked on 4 tunes and cut some demo tracks to get them down. at some point i'll put a list together of titles for the originals we play  - it's pretty staggering. there's got to be about 50 tunes on the list and they change up from different styles - it's a situation that i'm glad to be in!

did a little talking about getting a release together of Damon's music - it's very important to get something out there in order to go any further. right now our goal is to focus on building our following - having a release available is going to be such a huge asset for helping accomplish that. the issue i'm sure that's going on is the number of tracks that we could put on the release. i'm sure that it's difficult for Damon, being the songwriter, to have to choose what tracks will make the cut for the release - but it's really got to happen soon.

i need a cup of coffee bad, real ba a a a aaaaaaaaad. never made any before i left the house - didn't want to wake the baby (her room is just off the kitchen). i'm probably going to grab a cup around 9 or so. awesome!

alright folks - i'll leave you with that!

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