Monday, February 7, 2011

post superbowl monday morning.

yea. i didn't watch any of the superbowl - and i'm ok with it. i just zoned out to hulu until i couldn't bear being awake anymore and went to bed. after two not-so-great nights of sleep, my body kicked into comatose mode. apparently, the baby got up about half an hour after we went to bed and i was not waking up for anything - woops!

i'm sitting in one of the pods in the hub, drinking my coffee and feeling good. it was a good ride into work today. i do have a short commute, but it still helps me have a good day if all goes smooth and i'm able to rock some good tunes in the car. today's spin was ZZ Top's Fandango. a buddy of mine from the overnight crew has been making some CDR copies of some old albums.  he's got some pretty good taste in music, so they are usually pretty good and there's a wide range of stuff.

i'm really looking forward to getting together with the band this week. @KaraKharmah, (she sings backup, plays some percussion and helps me out with some marketing ideas) - she came up with an idea to put together a party for her birthday and have the band jam during it, maybe do some of our live band karaoke too. that got me thinking that the band should do that for all our stuff. we all have a circle of friends that have missed the boat on our shows, but WILL make an appearance for an event like a party. might need to work on the idea of doing the live band karaoke unplugged, for some places where volume might be an issue - maybe we could even do this at our place! Anyway - great idea!

so, when Chloe got home yesterday we got all the info about the weekend. they ended up going bowling and had a great time! i'm happy she had so much fun. next weekend she has a 'spa' themed birthday party to go to next weekend, good thing Holly and i were on the ball enough to plan ahead and pick up a gift. i have got to say - i had such a nice weekend hanging out with Holly. i love spending time with her. She's such a great gal. i'm so glad i have her and my two little gals too.

I ordered her birthday gift last night too. just need to figure out what to get her for valentines day. this month is a tough one for gifts for her. only a 7 day turnaround from vday to bday. it totally requires me to get ideas from her or get REALLY creative. this year i have some really good ideas bouncing around, it helps that she has a new hobby which she is very into.

ok - time to get this day rolling. gotta figure out rehearsals this week. lots to do!

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