Wednesday, February 9, 2011

rehearsal tonight up in ashfield and i have been dying to play some drums! that's the one drawback to jamming out in such a nice, remote location, the weather can go and muck everything up in a snap. we have a lot of work to do in order to get some good gigs, and i feel like missing one weekly rehearsal sets us so far behind. unfortunately, the idea of picking up a second session to make up for it is not realistic all the time.i really like the idea of setting up a jam room when Holly and i finally buy a house. if nothing else, it'll let me drum much more often!

i posted a couple videos last night of Steve Jordan playing. one of them is from his dvd, i think. that guy is way too overlooked and it's a shame. he owns the pocket... OWNS - OWNS!!! yes, that's a Slap Shot reference people. Got into a short conversation about favorite drummers last night on my Facebook page. Billy Ward got mentioned, i feel like he's one of the latest drummers to grab my attention over the last couple of years. one thing i really like is his kind of out of the box thinking when it comes to getting interesting sounds out of the drum set. there was a Modern Drummer Video (i believe) from a few years back where he demonstrate that by playing the kit bare handed and placing shakers into his shoes. what he played got me thinking quite a bit. i believe it was the same video where he demonstrated the use of a "woofer" in front of his bass drum, which was an 18"-20" or something. anyway, i'm going on a tangent... imagine that!

i have to give it up to my wife, this coffee is pretty good today! we've been brewing this mint flavored stuff - it was a holiday clearance item i'm sure. normally i'm not really on board  with this, but today's is pretty dang good!

we're going to be going to the gym as a family. on the one hand i think it's a little hilarious - on the other i'm hoping for the best. i totally need to get in shape. i mean, round is a shape... but i need to get into some other shape!

we also booked out hotel for our trip to Cleveland for the DEEP BLUES FESTIVAL 2011! very psyched that we are going to do this trip! on the one hand i'm just glad we are taking a trip together - just Holly and i. on the other hand, i cannot wait to see this show!!! i'm hoping to bring some of the bands on the bill to the pioneer valley sometime in the future. well, actually i already have the Ten Foot Polecats booked @ the basement in Northampton in march - so i'm already on my way there!

gotta run folks - later!

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