Friday, February 4, 2011


i have always felt that the best blog entries have always come on two days of the week. Mondays, because of the obvious updates of all the weekend's events - and on Fridays! Friday has this awesome magical kind of energy behind it. there's just something that you cannot get from any other day, than the feeling you get right before the weekend kicks off. there are some comparable feelings that i should mention - like your last day of work before a much needed vacation for instance. that is also a very special event - but it's the regularity of a Friday that makes it so great. once a week you get to have that 'eve of the weekend' and even if your weekend is less than relaxing, you still love that it's at least FRIDAY!

This Friday comes before a weekend that i am very much looking forward to. for starters - my wife and i have half a babysitter this weekend! what i mean is that my mother is taking my oldest daughter on Saturday for an overnight. my wife and i will still have the baby at home with us, but that is as close to a "kid-less" weekend as you could hope for. it's a win-win for all of us. My daughter Chloe, who loves spending time with her "Nonie" gets to hang at their place and go see Disney Princesses on ICE. Where as Holly (my Wife) and i get to hang out together and get caught up on things around the house. believe it or not, getting the house in order and making an extra special dinner together is quite nice. Delaney, my youngest daughter is perfectly content to hang with mom and dad for the most part. plus, she goes to bed early enough that we get to at least have the night together for ourselves.

no gigs or rehearsals lined up for this weekend either - it's been a long week for the band. we just played a big show last Sunday at the Iron Horse in Northampton MA. we got to open for Ernie & the Automatics, featuring members of Boston, The Beaver Brown Band and Peter Wolfe's Band. Met some very cool people - and had a fantastic time, but it was a last minute gig and I busted my ass to schedule a second rehearsal and to promote effectively. The rest of the week for the band was dealing with a situation that ended up costing us a couple gigs. short version of the story goes like this, a colleague of the group had his ego bruised when he had an exchange with Damon, which was not professional - on either parts end. He decided that he should drop us from a gig we had coming up this month with a group he sessions for - no sweat. what got ridiculous was when he had pressured a booking agent to take us off of a bill in June,  FOR A CHARITY EVENT! Anyway, we decided to just allow the situation be what it was - retarded. what's worse is that he's maintained nothing but lies to his actions, as if his beef with Damon has nothing to do with me, even though I'm Damon's Manager. Hopefully the childish actions of this guy will catch up to him eventually. I know we have a lot better things we could be doing than getting involved in some junk like this!

that about does it for now - time to refill this coffee cup!

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