Monday, February 28, 2011

well - today was a day. not horrible, but certainly not great by any stretch of imagination either. the weather proved to be sucktastical. the commute in was nothing if not retarded. i saw a four car accident on the way in, right in front of holyoke hospital no less! i did my fair share of sliding/praying i wasn't going to end up involved in any early morning smash ups. adding insult to injury - i actually had to leave work to pick up Holly and the girls so we could pick up the jeep from the garage before Chloe went to school. wouldn't you know it - as i'm getting off 391 in holyoke i get the text that Chloe has a 2 hour delay due to the icy roads. fantastic call on the granby school system for making the call to delay school 40 minute before Chloe's bell were to ring. i wonder how many parents were pissed that they sent their kid to the bus stop for 2+ hours? well played jerks.

anyway, after wasting time running out in the ice for no good reason - i got back to a mess in master control. basically network satellite dishes covered in ice - we have to smash the stuff up and sweep it out in order to keep something on the air. well, that's one thing, but the barrage of phone calls with folks NEEDING and explanation of what's happening - right at that very moment - is more frustrating than you know. i should say - most folks that call like that... get hung up on. i don't have time for that shit - read the trouble report like everyone else you asshats! phew - i'm better.

my business cards should be arriving this week - cool.

so we got the jeep back and Holly came home with some blue moon. my day is better just being home with my girls.

this week at rehearsal with Damon, i am having a little meeting of the minds with Kara to discuss some promo/marketing ideas. we are working on utilizing QR codes in our fliers/posters. i'm still looking for a design that:
1. i like
2. i can afford
3. works well with the QR codes i've been generating.

i think the codes are fantastic. i just think that the issue is with the phones or application people are using. maybe a field test experiment is in order. i could put some samples of codes together and have friends with different phones and apps try them out before implementing them full scale. as much as i love the idea of heading up new technology to promote - i don't want to half ass it and look like a tool for rushing something that doesn't completely work.

sent a message to Patricia Seifert from My 411 Source Underground Radio with deets about the basement show on 3/12. i've also reached out to the advocate, masslive, and a few other spots who list shows too.

that's it for me tonight - gonna have a beer and go to bed!

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