Tuesday, March 8, 2011

evening post - fat tuesday netflix marathon

dang man - i have been so productive with designing flyers and promotional postcards in the past few days. wish they'd be here in time for the basement show! actually - i sent an email to the other members of the band today talking about what i'm working on for potential shows. the list is pretty substantial, just have to chase a few folks around and confirm some dates.

i've been talking with an artist out of the 508 area - James Keyes. here's a video to get you familiar with his sound.

i'm looking forward to booking him for a BCBM show in the near future. he has a show in april over @ sam's pizza - i recommend if you happen to be in noho that night pop in for a slice and a few beers! i mentioned to him that if the weather is nice - that venue is a prime spot for street traffic stopping in for a song or two. helps to have some help passing out something to the passers by in that case.

i'm also bouncing aroung the idea of setting up a booth for BCBM at some area block parties and fairs. just a promotional table and distro along with some live acoustic playing - maybe a small trio set-up. if not this year - maybe next year or at least something to keep in mind.

anyway, things at home are good. Holly went out for craft night. Delaney is already tucked in and Chloe is wrapping up her last fencing bout on the Wii. i'm gonna dig up something on netflix to watch that i would normally miss out on to a wife veto. it'll probably be a blues documentary or something music related. who knows though - my viewing tastes are pretty random.

session with the band tomorrow - i'll make sure to take a coat and have plenty of gas! i also have to pack up my kit tomorrow too! 

alright - time to tuck in Chloe!

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  1. Boom! Man, it seems like a person could learn anything on the Wii !!

    See you Saturday after the studio bro...