Friday, March 11, 2011

a friday - kind of like a second thursday.

tgif - seriously. this week has been dragging on at the slowest pace possible. if nothing else however, it's friday - oh wait - i have to work tomorrow... FANTASTIC.

actually, it's not a big deal at all. typically working weekends is very much welcomed by me. the increase in the bank is nice - plus they tend to be a ghost town. very little going on, so it should be fairly relaxed, barring any breaking news anyway.

right now Chloe is watching a carebears movie on netflix while Delaney is playing with her toys. Holly went out to plan her best friends wedding and discuss some drama. so, it's just me and the wee ones for a few hours - good times.

i've decided to stop drinking beer during the week. the cost and extra calories are both things i really don't need. so i decided on friday's i'd pick something out that's kinda special. this week i had my eye on Harpoon's Celtic Red Ale

it's pretty good, well balanced - refreshing. it's a red ale and delivers without being EXTREME. sometimes that's a really nice thing.

so, i'm pretty happy that Damon has taken a little time to check out the The Ten Foot Polecats for himself. i know they will totally deliver a great show - they are a great band! it's just nice that now he'll have a little idea of what they do - instead of just going on my high praises! i'd also like to get him to head out to cleavland in july for the DBF 2011. i'm still shocked that Holly booked a hotel already and we're going together - so psyched!

i need to track down some time to hit up a barber shop. yes, me - the baldest of the bald guys needs to go to the barber. it's time to clean up this beard a little.

ok - time to grab another beer! i'm planning a significant post tomorrow!

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