Saturday, April 2, 2011

been a great week for me! for starters, we got new pictures taken of the girls. Chloe of course is a clown in them all, but Delaney - well she's been smiling and so good lately. her new pictures look great and the process was basically painless this time around.

i had gotten a lot of things accomplished this week for the Japan Disaster Relief BLUES BASH at Maximum Capacity. the show is coming up soon, so i have been sweating getting all the details in order in good time. this week i managed to get a bunch of details confirmed. first off, i got the ticket situation under wraps. i set up an account with Brown Paper Tickets for this event. i love the way that company works - gives you complete control to create and promote your event. They even will supply me with pre-printed tickets to sell person to person, the old fashioned way. All if the money raised from tickets sales and the door will be donated to help relief efforts in Japan. At this point we're still looking at a red cross donation as the beneficiary of the show - but Yukiko Fujii (Tokyo Tramps bassist) is looking into more direct charities involved. mainly so that the funds raised get the maximum amount of use where it counts.

The other aspect of the event that was solidified this week was the line-up. i've got five acts lined up, i'll post a short video of each to give some idea what they are all about!

so the line-up is pretty fantastic, if i do say so myself - and i do! there is one other thing that i managed to get tied together this week, a television appearance by Wildcat O'Halloran on TV 22's Mass Appeal on April 25th. granted i work at the station - but it was one less thing to get in the works later on. i may actually look into having a second act do the show too maybe earlier in the month - we'll see what i can swing. it's an early morning for some of those musicians traveling out from Boston!

lastly, i played a show last night with Damon and the crew at Snowzee's in Sunderland. it was the early show from 5-8pm - good times! part of me wishes that more bars would put some early show on for friday nights! we played 3 short sets, got out some covers we had been wanting to try out. even played this tune --

yea - we did that. kind of made me a little nostalgic for back in the Prescription America days. We played a great gig in Northampton one night and used that song as intro music. i miss that band sometimes - we had a long string of memories!

well folks - that was my week in a nut shell. please, if you could take a moment and see if you're available for the benefit show - it'd mean the world to all of us if you were there. all the details, as well as online ticket sales are at the link below. Thank you!

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