Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cambridge Massachusetts,drum heads, summer time longing

Man - what a beautiful day out there. it's a little cool considering how sunny and clear  it it outside - but will take it! it's actually got me thinking of long summer days and the desire to barbecue while listening to or playing some good music!

A friend of mine responded to a Facebook status update made earlier about just that very thing. He's got a little event going in the background and the more think about this the more excited get about it. I'm not getting into details about it yet - because at this stage it's just in it's infancy. let's just say that this would make one hell of a deep blues party and we can leave it at that.

Like usual I'm extremely excited to gather with the band tonight to rehearse for Saturday's big gig in Cambridge. on the one hand it's awesome to be playing outside of our hometown. however, the fact that we are playing with The Ten Foot Polecats again just totally sweetens the deal! add to that the fact that we also have Sonny Jim and the Blue Devils on the bill just makes it even better.

In other news I'm back to using a BlackBerry again. I ordered a torch last week and I love the thing! I'm posting this from it right now as a matter of fact!

Lastly, I have finally gotten around to getting my drum heads changed - starting with my snare drums batter head. went with an Evans dry head - love the sounds I got out of that drum now. Tom toms are next!

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