Thursday, May 12, 2011

this is the word of Bobby Roast Beef

watched some "whitest kids u know" last night before going to bed. that show is pretty funny despite having an occasional miss. I do think the earlier seasons are some of the best material however. I would consider posting a clip here to share, but my mom actually reads my blog - so that would just be wrong.

got some great news about having the band open for a very good touring act coming through the area. it isn't concrete just yet, so I'm holding back the details. I know that Damon is unbelievably excited about it.

I also found out that ZZ TOPP is playing in New England this summer. while the idea of going to the show is right up front in my mind - it just isn't in the cards for me to afford a pricey ticket. The idea of doing a little parking lot concert as a duo might be a good possibility.

So far this morning have had two people contact me for something TV related that had nothing to do with my job.I totally understand that nobody knows (except for a small handfull of people) at all what I actually do here at the TV station. but, to every family member, friend or acquaintance I am "the guy they know inside the TV station". I get and accept that. but have come to learn that when someone say's "so you still at 22?" - it usually means that they are about to ask me for something or complain. this is especially obnoxious when haven't had any communications with that person in forever. I have taken to responding to them with "what do you want" - just to cut to the chase a bit. I mean come on people - I know they routine and it's ok! just don't act like I'm the asshole for trying to be efficent in dealing with your needs and agenda. the fact they try to play like it was totally innocent and unprovoked of me to assume they want something if so fucking funny actually chuckle out loud.

That's really all have for now. perhaps I'll post a bit later!

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