Friday, February 11, 2011

comatose, chills, chicken and waffles, the beard diaries.

wow. i slept like a rock last night! heard the baby fuss a little bit around 4am, then go back to sleep. at that moment i realized that i had been sleeping in exactly the same position for about 5-6 hours. when it comes to sleeping - i'm pretty damn good at it.

it is WICKED cold out today! like, winter is cold - but today it's the kind of col that goes right through you.  single digits without the wind chill - that my friends is real cold weather.

weekend plans - pretty tame actually. tonight i'm hanging out at home with the kids while Holly goes out for her Coffee night out with the girls. between that and her "crafting night" i feel like i married a Golden Girl! anyway, tomorrow is going to be pretty quiet too. Chloe has a bday party for her BFF - spa themed. needless to say, i'm most likely going to hang out with the baby at home. Saturday night - there are a lot of options. i'd really like to to take Chloe out to a talent show that's going on - but it doesn't start until 7pm - so we'll see. Albert Cummings is also performing at the iron horse that night too - along with many other shows going on that night. i think my buddy Pawel is playing a gig too in Greenfield - gonna have to see how it all comes together.

sunday - gathering at my parents place for birthday cake for my pop's bday and that will pretty much wrap up the weekend. 

last night Holly started making some homemade chicken stock. she got a good deal on some whole roasters and bought five! two of them have already been roasted and picked apart for use in recipes - the bones and such have been boiling away making the house smell wonderful! i think we need to make more stock - it's s good to just have on hand, why not take advantage of the chance to make it?

Valentines day is coming up and a week later Holly's birthday - i get hit hard in February! i got her bday gift already, she's opened it and loves waffles! i got her a waffle maker - a good one. she's been asking. i need to get a valentine's card and i'll be set! she's been bragging that she bought me a valentine's gift that was awesome. i have no idea, last birthday she got me my Leboowski wallet - which i love!

i am getting to a crossroads with my beard. i should give it a good trim, but there is another part of me that wants to stay the course and just let it grow. i'm leaning toward just rolling with it as long as possible until i can't deal with it any longer. my hope is that in a few weeks i will have outgrown this awkward 'homeless guy' stage. wish me luck!

coffee time!

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