Saturday, February 12, 2011

just finished making Chloe an egg sandwich for breakfast. man, that kid is so 'in your face' first thing in the morning. she just needs to chill-out a little - let daddy get some coffee before the onslaught of chatter! i love that kid though, she's awesome.

really quiet night last night around here. Delaney went to bed without any issue, which i appreciated. Chloe stayed up an hour extra to watch the Charlie Brown Valentine's Day Special. Holly went out for coffee with the girls and i spent some time checking out bands on the Deep Blues Festival 2011 lineup. there are definitely a few that i'm really excited to see, but they are all right up my alley.

Holly gave me my valentines day gift early because it arrived yesterday. it's an indoor smoker! it is basically a medium sized hotel pan with a fold away handle and a thin steel lid that seals it all up tight. inside theres a rack that fits into a drip pan. the idea seems pretty cool - we'll be trying it out soon and there will be reviews to follow!

tonight i'm going to check out a show at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee. SwillMerchants are playing along with CrowRider (UTAH in another form, i think). the show is right down 391, so it's close and cheap! another bonus, the club has a great selection of craft beers on tap. i figure if i'm only going to have a few beers in a night out - might as well make them great ones!

thinking it's time for some breakfast ya'll. peace!

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