Tuesday, February 15, 2011

baby sleep woes, full throttle friday, girls night in?

i think that the baby wants Holly and i to lose it. she got up 4-5 times last night plus when i got out of the shower she had woken up again - with an agenda of rage to boot! let's hope she gets back into the routine soon!

Holly made a killer lasagna last night for dinner - holy geez was it good! after dinner we bathed the kids and got them ready for bed and just played with them. Chloe is such a great big sister. she really enjoys seeing Delaney laugh at all her ridiculous faces and antics. i was so worried that because there is such a large age gap between them that they wouldn't really relate together. fortunately Chloe is a big enough clown where she'll take the laughs from whoever is her audience!

the rest of the week is going to be pretty routine. band gets together on wednesday for a rehearsal. damon and i have a gig as an 'acoustic duo' on friday at Finnegan's Tavern in Springfield. i like these kinds of gigs where it's just the two of us. they are very loose and laid back - but a ton of fun. Damon often just busts out with seemingly random cover tunes and i'm kind of left flying by the seat of my pants. oddly, i think this is a great exercise for me. sometimes this shoots him in the foot though - he'll play a tune and i'll jump right in - the song will be great, but it's not something he wants to be playing regularity. then, i'm there suggesting we play that one again at another gig! you should really hear our version of Billy Joel's "You May Be Right"!!

saturday night Holly was planning a girls night out - doesn't seem like it's going to happen though. i'm hoping it works out for her - i know she was really looking forward to going out. if it doesn't work out - maybe we'll do something special at home.

no coffee this morning - that's a bad BAD T H I N G! ! !

off to fix that - later yo.

one last thing - for the drummers who read my blog. post some links of your favorite you tube drum videos!

peace ya'll!

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