Monday, February 14, 2011

work it out, toof-loss, syrup/jelly.

today is gym day. asked Holly early this morning about it to confirm so i could get it into my head. i'm excited for it actually - as much as i hate it, i like the idea of going and working out with the whole family. i just hope Delaney does alright in the child care that they provide. i should pick up some doughnuts and coffee to butter them up, that cute little kid is a touch nut to crack!

Chloe is psyched it's valentines day today. she was even more psyched yesterday when that dang tooth finally fell out! she got $2 plus an extra $1 from my mom when we were visiting over there yesterday afternoon.

speaking of teeth and kids - Delaney has some more coming in. had a little fever and was extra cranktastic all day/night. she was not going to go to bed without a fight. Holly got up with her around 4am for the day, i got up one time to settle her down, plus she was up an extra hour late! 

visited over at my folks place with the family, my sister and her husband. my dad's birthday is this week - so Holly baked a kickass carrot cake! we got my dad a bottle of Cabin Fever for his birthday. we picked a bottle up for a cake over the christmas holiday and found it was just awesome stuff! my dad had some last week (he's not a whiskey drinker much) and mentioned he wanted to take a bottle down to the keys for the trip coming up. figured we'd just pick it up and he wouldn't forget it. if you haven't had the stuff - try it. it's maple infused whiskey and is something really fantastic!

i got a cup of coffee here that clearly is being ignored - better get back to the grind!

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