Saturday, February 19, 2011

now this is a fantastic saturday morning!

had a fantastic gig last night @ Finnegan's Tavern in springfield. a good amount of my family from the area rolled in to my surprise - i referred to them as the "Beef Contingency" during one of the breaks, it got a good laugh. It was also really nice to see some old friends in there too.  some of these guys i haven't seen in forever, which is all too often the story. we also met some great new people and got some folks dancing for our whole last set too - which is really the goal for us. everyone seemed to have a good time - even when we took a break and the comic who was double booked took the stage. he wasn't much more than just vulgar and it was irritating some of the crowd. his friends however, thought he was one funny mofo - even when they heckled him!  Great bar with an great staff running it, we will totally be back with the trio next time!

this morning i got the scoop from Holly about last night. turns out Delaney slept like a rock and put up barely a fuss when it was time to go to bed! i just don't get it, but at least Holly had an easy night. i don't feel like such a schmo for being out then!

today is gonna be pretty relaxed. later tonight we're going to a party at my Aunt's place. not too sure if we'll all go or if it'll just be me and Chloe - we'll see.

next gig is march 12h and i'm so excited about it, i don't really have the words to get into it. i have been waiting to play a bill with the ten foot polecats for two years now! the fact that we have a show booked for next month with them AND Jeff Norwood is more than i could ask for.

i need 2 things right now - coffee (obviously) and lots of water!


Beef - out!

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