Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here's a link to the flyer for the first Black Cat Bone Music event!

very excited about this event! been waiting for a couple year to play a show with the polecats. those guys are all over the country playing every week! We're actually really lucky that Jeff Norwood was in the northeast too - he hails from South Carolina and is a true bluesman. i promise you a great time witnessing some amazing music being made. the show is early - only running from 8pm until 10pm or so.

i'm really jazzed about bringing these guys to noho - Damon & Co. will also perform to round out the night. my hope is that we'll build an audience for this style of underground contemporary blues based music. this is not your typical roadhouse chicago blues (though there's nothing wrong with that at all) - this is mississippi delta inspired low down and dirty type stuff. this is celebrating the juke joint and that wild kind of party!

anyway - i'll be talking more about this as the show gets closer. i'm also going to post some videos of the acts playing.

right now i need to go entertain the baby!

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