Sunday, February 20, 2011

this makes two straight nights where Delaney slept like a champ! i cannot believe how easily she went to bed and slept until past 7am. i'm glad things are back to normal.

today is my wife's birthday. we got up and had a nice breakfast with the girls. then, i cleaned the kitchen for her. later today i'll take a ride with Chloe to get a little treat for after dinner - either a small cake or some cupcakes.

so far this weekend has been awesome - the gig on friday, followed by a nice saturday working out with the wife, then a nice afternoon with the girls while Holly went out for some ME time and did some stuff for Rachel's wedding (Holly's the Matron of Honer). today seems like it's going to be just as nice as the previous.

i asked Chloe what she's prefer to listen to in the car while we're out: Led Zeppelin or Pearl Jam - her response was "BLUES". i love that kid!

here's some videos!

and why not - here's a video of Damon Reeves @ the Iron Horse from last november:


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